What’s all this ‘Integrative’ talk?

Integrative Approach

When you step into the therapy or mentoring space, you are there to be ‘seen’ in all of your unique qualities, not to ‘see’ a one size fits all model. This is why an ‘integrative’ approach is essential for strong and aligned outcomes.

You have unique ways of learning and of processing your experiences – this requires an approach that can not only identify your strengths but also bring the most personalised collection of strategies together to inspire you as you take on the challenges of striving for excellence.

Some people thrive with a structured process of analysis and implementation of strategies.

Others grow from a deep dive into emotional and spiritual foundations filled with experiential techniques.

Step into the creative flexibility that designs your journey based on your strengths and needs.

Know that there will be three core components in you journey – trauma informed, values aligned, and therapeutic tone. These three components hold safe and authentic space for you to explore your capacity to heal and create.

Cherie has trained and worked in a diverse scope of models of therapies and approaches, and comes to your journey equipped with so many resources and strategies for you to choose to apply. She is a Heartmath Certified Practitioner, an accredited Human Synergistics facilitator, a PsyBA Supervisor, and is an Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach.

Welcome to your journey.

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