Professional Development Supervision

Amplifying the Ripple Effect

Inspiring the passions of professionals in their service of others, delivers a meaningful sense of purpose to my own life.

The way that we learn most effectively to bring the benefits of our professional skill to others, is to engage in the immersive process of knowing the whole of ourselves.

Professional Development Supervision is exactly this process.

When I invite you to “Take The Journey”, I invite you into a journey that is more about you than about your client interventions, as only an authentic depth will deliver authentic results.

Reflective supervision & mentoring for professionals who savour self development and enrichment.


“As I approached my internship as a Provisional Psychologist I was very aware of wanting to be the best I can be for my clients. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with Cherie. She is pro-active and always looking for innovative ways to educate those she supervises. She pours her energy into making sure we have not only the physical resources to work with clients, but emotional resources as well.

I feel completely supported and inspired by Cherie, to continually challenge myself and work hard to help support clients and improve my learning as a Psychologist. I am reflecting on a podcast I recently listened to where Jane Dutton (co-founder of Positive Organizations) said that opportunities are generated from high quality connections and that these connections increase the capacity for others to think and act in the moment. I find Cherie inspires this energy – which creates an appreciation of learning and curiosity within me.”

Lisa Munday (Prov.Psychologist)