Executive Enhancement Coaching

Inspiring the Person

Transforming the Leader

The joy of leading leaders, emerges at the realisation that by igniting a single flame, many are given both light and warmth.

As valuable as any book or course that teaches you how to know your followership, guide your team, or develop great outcomes in others – is the ability to do each of these things within yourself – for yourself.

Executive Enhancement is exactly this process.

When I invite you to “Take The Journey”, I invite you to a journey that is more about you than about your management of others, as only an authentic depth will deliver authentic results.


“Cherie is the most skilled, insightful, and competent supervisor I have experienced throughout all my years in my undergraduate, post-graduate and career. Her ability to work intuitively, her knowledge and understanding of EMDR and schema therapy and her encouragement of self-development in conjunction with professional development have all helped me develop into the confident and competent psychologist I am today. 

These supervision sessions have also impacted my personal life as well as professional life as I now have a deeper understanding of myself, greater confidence and improved relationships. I am forever grateful for the professional and personal transformation I have undergone since we started working together.”

Kylie Rees
(Psychologist; BPsych; MPsych)