Leadership Empowerment Workshops

Transformative small group workshops and talks designed exclusively for the dynamic women leaders within organizations.


Workshops & Trainings

Infused with an integrative therapy approach, these sessions are tailored to resonate with your company’s unique needs. As a company that values its women leaders, empowers them to rise to their fullest potential, authentically lead, and thrive in all aspects of their lives..

Popular Workshops Topics

My Signature ElevateHER Series is a transformative series of small group workshops and talks designed exclusively for the dynamic women leaders within your organization. 

The Work Me vs. The Life Me: Striking Harmony

Unveil the secrets to seamlessly integrating your professional and personal selves, resulting in a harmonious and empowered lifestyle.

Succeeding with Ease, Not Struggle: A Mindset Revolution

Dive into mindset shifts that pave the way for success without burnout, enabling leaders to navigate challenges with resilience.

Authenticity Unleashed: Know Me, Show Me

Embrace authentic leadership by understanding and embracing your unique strengths, values, and identity.

Depth Development: Where Therapy Meets Leadership

Explore the power of therapy-based approaches in fostering deep growth, resilience, and personal transformation as a leader.

Lifelong Leadership: An Evolutionary Journey

Recognise that every life experience has prepared you to be a developing leader and seize the wisdom within your journey.

Reconnect to Your Feminine Essence: Embrace and Elevate:

Discover the strength of your feminine energy, reconnect with it, and channel it to enhance leadership presence.


Download The Corporate Training Kit

Love the idea of having me speak to and train the leaders in your organisation? I have included everything you need to know, including the structure and pricing of the trainings into this nifty kit!