Integrative Therapy

Fluidity & Flow

Therapy is an art. Performed in the context of ‘profession’. Yet is it still an art. Art has fluidity and flow, even in its most abstract forms.

There is no single solution, no one perfect model, no ideal therapy, that will guarantee your therapy outcomes.

Therapy is an experience rather than a task. It is a momentum rather than and event. Your therapists ability to confidently flow with fluidity across a complementary yet diverse (integrative) repertoire of ‘tools’ that challenge you while clarifying you is key to your therapy experience.

Designing therapy just for you

We will meet, settle, learn about your aims and wishes, and your optimal way of learning and making shift. Then we will know which approaches, models, or therapies will most work for you.

By combining psychological therapies, trauma processing, plant and nutrient medicines, nature and spirituality, we will design the therapy experience that is uniquely you.

Design your therapy experience

Cherie is a Heartmath Certified Practitioner. She has trained in Schema Therapy, EMDR, and Psychedelic Assisted Integration Therapy. She has trained in integrative nutrition, plant medicines, and nature inclusive therapies.

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