Integrative Mentoring

The Integrative Experience

The Limitation of Language

The benefit of strictly defining a service or product is that it directs your client to ask “Can I please have one of your A service”.

The limitation of using defining language in this way is that it prevents your client from asking “What I am looking for is A with a focus of B in a context of C – can you provide that?”

The difference is whether you, the client, gets precisely what you both want and need as an outcome.

Let’s design your mentoring experience based on your desired outcomes!


Delivery through supervision, mentoring, and coaching as a fluid motion allows the bridges that exist between these styles of delivery to support the flow of your momentum as your explore and create. It allows each form of delivery in it’s own right to emerge and guide you when most required without limiting your continued entrepreneurial potential from emerging into action!


Showing up with an attitude of reflection, creation, and expansion, as a process that inhales and exhales with you, ensures that you can feel your flame of inspiration even throughout the challenging phases of your journey. We excite when we view a barrier on the horizon, as this is the opportunity to flex and assert our energy of “I will persist, I will succeed”.


Pre-developed systems of focus can only fuel you toward your outcomes as far as that system’s focus is where you want and need it to be. Instead of subscribing to a system, design the system you subscribe to. We only focus on the domains of development that are relevant to you! Develop yourself professionally, in business, your career, through transitions, your life-work alignment, or yourself as a leader of others.

Cherie is a Human Synergistics accredited facilitator (LSI1/LSI2/GSI). She holds a Master Of Leadership and is trauma informed. She has extensive experience as a Psychology Board of Australia registered supervisor, and as a business mentor and coach.

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