An Authentic Introduction

“The series of rich experiences called life…thus far”

Authenticity – high on my list of treasured values. So here is my curriculum vitae with a somewhat personalised touch.

To put myself forward to you, and ask for your trust as we explore, re-design, and create the person that you are, it strikes me as essential that first I share with you what I am about – what I bring to this journey – who I am authentically.

Before I was ten years old I craved for a career in Psychology. A career that I did pursue and achieve.

A career that has awarded me an expansive understanding of human nature at its best – at its worst – at its most vulnerable.

A career that taught me the depths of myself as a human being – to nurture and offer compassion, to challenge and defend, to be patient and to hold space.

A career that showed me how pain can take a person so far from their desired path, but also the courage and strength that a person can possess to re-orient their life compass with just a little guidance, insight and support.

This career (expanding beyond some twenty years past the seven years of university days – many of them glorious days spent snoozing peacefully under the trees of bush court at Murdoch University) travelled me through the government sector, the not for profit sector, and the private sector where I finally settled as a group private practice owner. From mindfulness and positive psychology therapies, to trauma and grief therapies – the intricacies of the full range of of psychological dis-ease and dis-order. People at their best and at their worst and at their most vulnerable.

The unique quality that you gain as we work together is a transparent and authentic depth that can confidently hold your vulnerability and inspire your ambitions all within a single process.

Along this journey a passion for nutritional and natural interventions for health and functioning enveloped me. Working alongside various natural health and allied health therapists, learning and studies in herbal and nutritional medicine blossomed. What an incredible world of possibilities for my clients often long suffering psychological difficulties and instability. What an incredible opportunity for people to enhance and empower their own health and functioning. Combined with the art of coaching, like sunshine to a young plant, new pathways of passion warmed me.

Nutritional and functional interventions blended with a full range of psychological interventions, including psychedelic integration therapy, to bring forward my own personal style of helping others to reach new spaces of ‘happy’ in their lives. Thousands of faces and stories over more than 20 years. The value of stories – magnificent.

Woven along the road of the journey, I engaged myself in learning how to support the development of others professionally. As a PsyBA (Psychologist Board) approved supervisor, I discovered a new joy in guiding and supervising clinicians – revelling in their growth and their expanding understanding of the value of sharing therapeutic space with others. Developing programs and infrastructure for other organisations became developing business and people within my own.

It was this steep learning curve that catapulted me toward Master Aligned learning in Leadership. A fulfilling experience of knowing what an ‘other’ needs to grow, how to inspire the courage to reach further than they previously had been willing, how to support that development such that it is a challenging yet positively transforming journey. The drawstring that dragged so many aspects of my learning and personal growth together…thus far.

Threaded through this story – my story – were relationships, children, family, travel, friendships, health events, and of course whole weekends in pyjamas enjoying good books and my snoozing dog’s company.

The beautiful Shanti gave 11 years of service with clients with me.

So many threads that weave the cloth of who I am and what I bring.

The knowledge of psychology, nutrition and health, coaching, psychedelic medicines, life as it happens, business & government, developing and leading others. The diversity that completes the picture of authentic me…thus far.