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My mission is to inspire you to look beyond perceived limits and to see yourself as potential in action, creating ripples in the global community.

About us

My Mission

In the intricate dance of leadership, I see you. I recognise the weight of the roles you juggle, the expectations you navigate, and the silent battles you fight as you strive to lead while staying true to every facet of your being. It’s a world that often demands you to fit a mould, but here, with me, you’re invited to break free.

My mission is to inspire individuals to transcend their boundaries, viewing themselves as dynamic agents of change with the capability to innovate, lead, and transform. I offer a potent blend of therapeutic impact, experiential expansion, and sustainable embodiment.

I’m not just here to guide; I’m here to transform. With values deeply rooted in integrity, Warriorship for others, Collaborative Culture, and the empowering mantra of ‘Come As You Are’, I beckon you to journey beyond the conventional.


Our Focus

I believe in the raw, unbridled power of the feminine narrative. It’s time for women to reconnect, trust, and lead from a place of intuitive strength.

My vision is clear: to inspire you to look beyond perceived limits, to see yourself as potential in action, creating ripples in the global community.

Innovative thinking, ‘out of the norm’ creation, and shattering leadership ceilings are the themes that drive me. But more than that, it’s about understanding the unique challenges you face, the aspirations you hold, and the dreams you dare to dream.

My aim? To leave behind a legacy of leaders who, with empathic integrity, catalyse change, bringing peace and wellbeing to humanity. One leader, one ripple, one transformative impact at a time. Together, we’ll co-create a narrative where you’re not just leading, but thriving in every sphere of life.


Professional Bio

Cherie Dorotich is an innovative professional in the intersection of leadership development and psychology. With over two decades of experience, she has masterfully integrated her profound clinical acumen with leadership principles, creating a unique approach that fosters amplified growth and sustainable change outcomes in individuals and organisations alike.

Cherie’s rich clinical background allows her to delve into the intricacies of human behaviour, ensuring leadership strategies are not just theoretically sound but are rooted in a deep understanding of human psychology.

Her role also encompasses being an Advanced Behaviour Support Practitioner, where she has successfully implemented behaviour support planning and functional behaviour analysis, among other key strategies, to enhance the quality of life for her clients. This fusion has been instrumental in achieving sustainable change and growth in various organisational settings.


Skill & Expertise

Beyond leadership, Cherie’s skill set encompasses business development, team leadership, and professional training. She excels in strategy development, motivating team culture, enhancing leaders, and critical incident debriefing, always ensuring her approach is client-centred and results-driven.

Cherie’s educational journey is broad with qualifications including:

? A Bachelor of Psychology from Edith Cowan University

? A Master of Leadership from Deakin University

Her continuous pursuit of knowledge is evident through a myriad of certifications, such as:

? A Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies from the Mind Medicine Institute and a Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Behaviour Support) from the University of Queensland.

Cherie’s skill set is multifaceted, including expertise in counselling and psychotherapy, behaviour support planning and implementation, professional development training, and business development.

Her adeptness in team leadership, training, and development is reflected in her ability to build and lead successful teams, ensuring collaborative and effective service delivery.

Professional Roles

Founder and Principal Psychologist

In 2011, Cherie founded All Round Wellness. As its Director and Principal Psychologist, she has been the driving force behind its business expansion, positioning it as one of the most successful and sustainable mental health services in the Peel Region.

A Leadership Luminary

Cherie’s Master of Leadership from Deakin University is a cornerstone of her expertise. As an accredited Human Synergistics facilitator, she offers a unique perspective on organisational growth, team culture development, and business strategy, all underpinned by her deep clinical knowledge of psychology.

Commitment to Development

Cherie’s dedication to continuous learning is reflected in her extensive professional training. She remains at the forefront of leadership and therapeutic methodologies, ensuring her strategies are informed by global best practices. Cherie has undertaken a wealth of additional professional training, ensuring her methods are informed by the latest research and global best practices in areas such as EMDR, Schema Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, among others.

Cherie Dorotich’s career is a testament to her passion for intertwining the realms of psychology and leadership.

Her unique approach has not only led to individual transformations but has also catalysed organisational growth and excellence.

In every role, Cherie brings a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the wellbeing and potential of those she works with. Her career is not only distinguished by her professional and educational achievements but also by her steadfast commitment to making a tangible, positive impact on individuals and the wider community.

About us

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