Getting lonely at the top?

People are notorious for categorising and stereotyping. 

They are known for choosing their associations based on this.

For many its seems that the more of the team that you lead, the less of a team that you belong to.

While you strive for ‘the top’, often to achieve a personal sense of success or acceptance, it is often the case that this very ‘top’ leaves you standing more isolated than you imagined that it would.

The assumption of others as they watch you ascend is that you are now unreachable, unapproachable, not the same as they are – and so they reduce their association to you.

They become unwilling to challenge and share with you in a meaningful way. 

They become unable to support and enrich your growth and learning as they no longer view the greater picture from your standpoint.

From who do I learn once I am the one who leads?

How do I remain inspired ?

Who develops me while I develop them?

Reflective Accountability.

Supported Vulnerability.

Inspired Potentiality.

As we climb, and find ourselves now the leader, it becomes crucial that we take the reins of motion and whip them against the flanks of our own stagnation. 

We must source our own leader or leaders. 

Those that see us in our greater context, that have the courage to challenge and inspire us, that will ignite our reflective abilities and expand our own vision of ourselves.  

The higher you go, the lonelier you get, the more you must own the creation of your own personal leadership team.

We can never cease being a follower if we are to remain an effective leader. 

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