Opportunity Overwhelmed

We certainly live in quite an incredible period of time. In many ways our world has expanded.

I’m not talking in the sense of ‘grown larger’ of course, rather I am referring to the amount of our world that we now get to experience as individual humans – often right from the comfort of our own homes.

No longer are we aware of the happenings of the world within only a 50, 100, or 200 kilometer distance of our own homes.

No longer do we rely upon the wanderings and travels of the foreign strangers to bring understanding and knowledge of other parts of the world to us.

No longer are we required to be that venturing foreign stranger who walks the lengths of the Earth, to gather the experiences that create the wealth of knowledge about the world, outside of our own limited existence.

We certainly exist in an amazing period of time.

Why begin this blog by drawing your attention to this? There is an emerging phenomenon being experienced by people which I refer to as opportunity overwhelmed.

Never before has there been such potential for people to think expansively, dream limitlessly, and take chances to create an impact upon our world so powerfully.

We have access to information about every culture, every landscape, every occurrence natural and otherwise, every language, and every mindset that humanity has to offer ­– all available at the simple keystroke on a keyboard, or swipe of a finger across a screen.

It is this limitless access that now provokes our minds and our entrepreneurial hearts to leap forward into the abyss beyond our comfort zone, and dare do something different and meaningful. This open knowledge now loads our mind with ideas, with creative power, and with value-driven agendas that we have not previously been inspired to entertain.

This potential for opportunity makes all of this an experience of not only the few courageous seekers, but of the many…and so we have hundreds of thousands, if not more, creatively inspired entrepreneurial-oriented powerful individuals across our world taking ownership of all that our world now allows them to access. Exciting times indeed.

So much creative mindset power in our world – why is it not all converting into brilliant action?

This brings us back to Opportunity Overwhelm.

Many people become completely immobilised by the sheer mass of opportunity that is at their fingertips, so much so that they are unable to bring their mindset power into a concise and clear usable format.

Opportunity Overwhelm converts our powerful mindset into a uselessly swirling vortex of ideas, circling with such momentum that we are unable to pull together a viable pathway to bring that into a manifested state. This escalates our frustration, often triggering our deeply buried fears of incompetence or failure, meanwhile dis-powering us and stealing our valuable time – all while misleading us to explore and contemplate pathways that do not align with our values and visions. Messy detouring essentially.

It is so ironical that we live in a period of time which offers us total access to inspiration and understanding, and yet it is exactly this total access that anchors us immobilised in the centre of this vortex. So we frantically seek solutions to our own inspired confusion.

Many focus on the logistics of implementing each and every potential opportunity simultaneously. They contemplate the standard pathways observed or taught by others who manifest opportunity. They focus on the words that define their creative concepts and ideas, and hope that they bring clarity to what they’re trying to achieve.  Yet in taking this focus we continue to amplify the overwhelmed state because quite simply the answers are not there.

This is no different to the writer with writer’s block investing their time flicking through the pages of a thesaurus or dictionary or text book on how to write books. This does nothing to diffuse the block. This does nothing to bring clarity to the direction that the writer’s tale should take in the next chapter, or to the creative destination of the tale. This does not work because it is not meaning-oriented.

Opportunity Overwhelm is the writer’s block of the entrepreneurial mindset.

It is meaning that dissolves the overwhelm. It is inspiration that illuminates the direction ahead.

What do I mean by this?  Knowing what is meaningful to you will help you focus on the right opportunities to develop.  Being inspired by your world will show you how to manifest them.

Experience yourself indulging in these four brief yet targeted exercises outlined below when you find yourself immobilised in the vortex of opportunity overwhelm. Let this shift the block and dissolve your overwhelm.

Build the Opportunity Stack – Take every concept, idea, opportunity that you can conjure – write each one on its own separate piece of paper and then place them all inside of an envelope labelled Opportunities Stack and place it aside for later.

Create your Chest of Meaning – Imagine a chest in front of you that you have to fill with everything meaningful to you – fill it with what you value most, with what you want to stand for, with that which is most meaningful to you, with that which represents who you want to be in this world.  The contents of this chest are what will define you – there is no judgement on what you choose – but take your time and ensure that it is filled with only the things that are of most value and meaning to you, about you, in your world.  It helps to write down everything that you place into your Chest of Meaning. 

Your Chest of Meaning

Create your Well of Inspiration – Now imagine a deep well in front of you, one that you will fill with everything that is inspirational to you. Seek the people that light a spark within you.  Find the ones that have done, and are being who you want to see yourself being. Seek the information and ventures that light your neural pathways with excitement.  Indulge in that unashamedly.  Seek the historical events, people, concepts that warm you and resonate with you.  Seek that which you find to be an experience of beauty and allow yourself to be inspired by that. Fill your inspiration well with everything and anything that brings fire to your soul.  Again, it helps to write these things down as you discover them during this is a task of discovery – this is your well of inspiration

Your Well of Inspiration

Illuminate your Opportunity Direction – Now the fun begins. Open your chest of meaning. Draw up from your well of inspiration. Connect with them in front of you.  Then slowly remove each piece of paper from your Opportunity Stack and consider each one carefully. 

Does it fit with the contents of your chest and your well?  Based on your answer to this – assign it to one of the following categories:

Definitely Fits

Might be Useful Later

What was I thinking?!

Seal the later two piles in their own envelopes that are titled accordingly for later use. 

Opportunity Overwhelm Diffused

Now spread your Definitely Fits pile in front of you while keeping your Chest of Meaning open and your Well of Inspiration flowing allowing your mind to join dots and create a picture before you. Don’t force it – this is a creative ‘allowing’ – much like watching a photographic print develop in it’s tray of chemical solution slowly revealing the image that it holds. Notice your clarity sharpen, your insights emerge, and your vision excite your mind. Notice how customised this vision to your own authentic values.

Opportunity Direction Illuminated

All that is left to do now is to summons your courage to be as powerful and you can be in your manifestation of this opportunity.

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