Attention: Future Under Construction.

I can’t take credit for this headline, but perhaps only for the questions that I cast from its inspiration. While walking through one of Singapore’s subways, an innovative inspiration in themselves, I noticed one of the graphic banners on the wall that simply stated –

ATTENTION Future Under Construction.

This simple statement spiralled my mind into a creative vortex of contemplation. It’s quite stunning how blatantly available inspiration can be in our world.

Think about it.  Your entire life is this statement – a future under construction.

Every moment, every choice, every action that we make during our life is a determination of what you choose your finished future to look like. Every today that you make a decision, that you project a thought, that you choose an experience, is the construction of the tomorrow that is your future.

Ask yourself.  What type of builder do you want to be?

As the project manager who is constructing your future, do you want your focus to be about the quantity or the quality of what you construct?  Will you focus on beautiful finishing touches, or rush everything leaving so many half completed experiences?

As the day by day construction manager of your future, what phases of the construction will fill you with the greatest zest?  

Which construction phases will you have to push through with perseverance as if wading through quicksand to complete? Which will you dance gracefully through as if a well-rehearsed and loved choreography?

Which construction actions that you choose to take will create the future that is most inspiring to others, and more importantly to yourself? 

Doesn’t your mind suddenly light up with passionate potential at the simple thought that you are – right this moment – constructing your future, even as you contemplate these questions?  

How entrepreneurial do you want to be in your construction?

Extend the concept a little more.  Contemplate this – if you are the builder constructing your own future, then by default you are also contributing to the construction of the future of others.   

We do not exist in isolation.  We are constantly interconnected within the humanity eco-system, and so the future that we construct for ourselves is also interconnected to the futures that others are constructing for themselves.   No longer is this only about you and what you can construct for yourself.

How will your construction contribute to the construction of future for others?  

Will your construction inspire others to construct their own futures authentically?

Will others witness your day to day construction of your own future, and experience joy at what they witness, a joy that will infuse itself by default into their own construction?

Contemplate even further.   Extend yourself even further. 

Beyond the point where you are even here any more to live the future that you constructed, what will be left behind of your construction that might impact this world and the future generations of it in a worthy way? 

Is this global agenda even drafted into your construction plans? 

While the concept of future under construction and self as builder of that future is expansively provoking for the mindset, it is the very first word of this graphics banner on a subway wall that speaks the take home message.



You are currently constructing your future, and by default the future of others.


Your construction has the potential to inspire, bring joy, and be a legacy for future generations.


Every single moment ahead of you is that future.

The utter mindfulness about one’s life that this single word demands is deeply powerful in its simplicity.


You are, right at this very moment, constructing your future.

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